Orange Unified School District Child Development Services
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Orange, CA 92869

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Welcome to the OUSD Child Development Center


The Orange Unified School District welcomes you and your child to the Child Development Center (CDC) preschool program. Preschool is the first transition a child makes from the security of the home to the greater arena of school.  Special attention is addressed towards achieving a warm, sensitive, safe environment for your child. We recognize that the developmental stages of all children vary.

OUSD CDC is an integral part of the school community. Particular attention is focused on parents, teachers and children working in partnership to make preschool an enjoyable and exciting educational opportunity. Communication between teachers, parents and children is a high priority for us. Formal and informal opportunities are provided so that parents and teachers can exchange information to ensure the success of each child.


The mission of the Orange Unified School District’s Preschool Programs is to ensure that all children enter school healthy and ready to learn.


We offer Full Day and a NEW Part Day option. For more information, please contact us TODAY for more information or feel free to call (714) 628-5570

Full Day: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

5 Day $690, 3 Day (M/W/F) $550 or 2 Day (T/Th) $390

Part Day: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

5 Day $520, 3 Day (M/W/F) $370 or 2 Day (T/Th) $264

Children must be potty-trained. Full Day, full-time students have enrollment priority.

Full Day includes two snacks and lunch daily and Part Day includes one snack daily.


The CDC is administered by the Orange Unified School District Board of Education in agreement with the California Department of Education, Office of Child Development, and licensed by the State of California Health and Welfare Agency, Department of Social Services. 

Each classroom is staffed by a teacher holding a Teacher Permit issued by the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  All other staff meet necessary District requirements for education and experience in Child Development.

All staff members are trained and experienced early childhood educators who were chosen for their enthusiasm and expertise in working with children.  They work together as a team to provide a quality program for children.


The preschool curriculum includes a variety of activities to stimulate and promote curiosity, learning and language development.  Teachers present a well-developed curriculum that is organized around the following basic skill areas: English-language development, early literacy skills, early writing skills, print awareness, children’s literature, and early math and science skills presented in a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment. 

Our program allows for optimum growth and development in the language arts areas of phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and vocabulary development.  In the area of math, children are given opportunities to develop beginning mathematical skills through activities in sorting and classifying, patterning, shapes, number concepts, and problem solving.  These math concepts are presented in an age-appropriate, hands-on manner that supports the development of the kindergarten standards.  Along with the basic skills in language arts and math, children participate in music, drama, art and physical education activities that not only support and enhance the development of academic skills, but help with the development of social skills as well as large and small muscle development.  A highly individualized approach is used to meet the particular need of each child as they move towards a successful transition to kindergarten.

As collaborative partners in your child’s education we expect and desire parents to be actively involved. The success of your child’s preschool experience depends on a cooperative and collaborative parent, student, and school relationship.  The home-school partnership will help to make your child’s first years of school a meaningful and memorable learning experience.

Please contact us TODAY for more information on how to register your child or please feel free to call (714) 628-5570. If you are in need of program subsidy, please contact Jeaen Ontiveros at 714-628-5574.

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