Board Policies - 5000 Series
5000 BP Concepts and Roles
5020 BP Parent Rights and Responsibility
5021 BP Noncustodial Parents
5022 BP Student and Family Privacy Rights
5030 BP Student Wellness Policy
5111 BP Admission
5112.1 BP Exemptions from Attendance
5112.3 BP Student Leave of Absence
5112.5 BP Open, Closed Campus
5113 BP Absences and Excuses
5113.1 BP Chronic Absence and Truancy
5113.2 BP Work Permits
5114 BP Attendance Records Registers
5116 BP School Attendance Boundaries
5116.1 BP Intradistrict Open Enrollment
5117 BP Interdistrict Attendance
5118 BP Open Enrollment Act Transfers
5119 BP Students Expelled from Other Districts
5121 BP Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement
5122 BP Academic Load
5123 BP Promotion, Acceleration, Retention
5124 BP Communication with Parents, Guardians
5125 BP Student Records
5125.1 BP Release of Directory Information
5126 BP Awards for Achievement
5127 BP Graduation Ceremonies and Activities
5131 BP Conduct
5131.1 BP Bus Conduct
5131.2 BP Bullying
5131.4 BP Campus Disturbance
5131.5 BP Vandalism, Theft and Graffiti
5131.6 BP Alcohol and Other Drugs
5131.7 BP Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
5131.9 BP Academic Honesty
5131.62 BP Tobacco
5131.63 BP Anabolic Steroids
5132 BP Dress and Grooming
5133 BP Gifts to School Personnel
5135 BP School Symbols
5136 BP Gangs
5137 BP Positive School Climate
5138 BP Staff-Student Policy of Non-Fraternization
5141 BP Health Care and Emergencies
5141.1 BP Accidents
5141.3 BP Health Examinations
5141.4 BP Child Abuse Reporting Procedures
5141.21 BP Administering Medication
5141.22 BP Infectious Diseases
5141.23 BP Students- Infectious Disease Prevention
5141.24 BP Specialized Physical Health Care Service
5141.26 BP Tuberculosis Testing
5141.27 BP Food Allergies/Special Dietary Needs
5141.31 BP Immunizations
5141.33 BP Head Lice
5141.52 BP Suicide Prevention
5141.6 BP School Health Services
5142 BP Safety
5142.3 BP Student Use of Bicycles
5143 BP Insurance
5144 BP Discipline
5144.1 BP Suspension and Expulsion, Due Process
5144.4 BP Required Parental Attendance
5145.2 BP Freedom of Speech
5145.3 BP Nondiscrimination Harrassment
5141.6 BP School Health Services
5145.7 BP Sexual Harassment
5145.8 BP Refusal to Harm or Destroy Animals
5145.9 BP Hate-Motivated Behavior
5145.11 BP Questioning and Apprehension by Law Enforcement
5145.12 BP Search and Seizure
5145.13 BP Research on Students
5145.14 BP Photographing of Students
5146 BP Married, Pregnant, Parenting Students
5147 BP Dropout Prevention
5148 BP Child Care
5149 BP At-Risk Students

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