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2017-2018 School Bus Program

Students are required to possess a bus pass before boarding school buses. All bus passes require a current wallet-size photograph. The family provides this photograph at the time of issuance. Parents choosing to participate in the OUSD busing program must complete an application and select the designated bus stop determined to be the safest and closest bus stop to their service address. Students are not required to accompany their parents when purchasing bus passes.

Prices for school bus passes for the 2017-2018 school year are in the chart on the back page as well as a map showing our location. The Bus Pass Office will use the Special Considerations and Gross Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine which price you pay for bus passes.

Mail Orders: To avoid our long lines, you are encouraged to purchase your bus pass (es) by mail using check, VISA or
Master Card. Mail orders must include a legal size, self-addressed stamped return envelope with two stamps. Please remember to include a current wallet-size photograph of each student applying. Also, remember to mail early for faster service. No mail-in requests for subsidized will be processed.

Special Education Students: Subsidized school bus transportation may be provided to students whose IEP's direct transportation services. A copy of the IEP will be required for verification. Round-trip school bus transportation, from a designated bus stop to the home school special education program will be provided. You must apply for a bus pass to use this transportation.


Subsidized bus passes are available for qualifying low-income families. The Bus Pass Office will use the Gross Income Eligibility Chart and the definitions below to decide eligibility. You must present documentation of your income to qualify. All documentation must show current, year-to-date income and must be for all members of the household. Families wishing to be considered under this program must apply IN PERSON with the necessary documentation in hand. No mail-in applications will be accepted for this purpose.

Subsidized bus passes are only valid for one semester and must be renewed each semester. You will be required to show proof of eligibility each semester. Acceptable documents include:
• Paycheck, pension, or other stubs (Must show current year-to-date income)
• Current AFDC Notice of Action (Or print-out showing past 12 months income)
• State of California Benefit ID Card (MediCal) (Must provide current print-out of eligibility from doctor's office)
• Letters from employers verifying income (Must be on business stationery)
• Unemployment receipts
• Evidence of child support
• Proof of direct deposits of income
• Savings account statements
• Other proof of income as required, including income from out of area (City, County, State, Country, etc.)
• 2017 W-2 Forms (Required for 2nd Semester only)
• 2017 Federal Income Tax Returns (Required for 2nd Semester only)


As outlined in the open enrollment contract, parents must provide transportation to and from the requested school.


Replacements: Bus passes are the property of Orange Unified School District and will be returned upon request. They will be collected on or near their expiration date. OUSD is not responsible for lost or stolen bus passes. A $10.00 replacement fee is required.

Refunds: Refunds will be made for unused bus passes when a student moves out of the school district or into the walk area for his or her home school. Please return the bus pass, with a written request, to the Bus Pass Office for a prorated refund. Upon approval, a refund check will be mailed. Please allow four to six weeks for processing. Refunds will not be made for loss of service due to disciplinary reasons. No other refunds are considered.

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