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Elementary School Bus Stops

Note: Bus stop locations may not necessarily be listed in order

Anaheim Hills Elementary
Via Arboles @ Paseo Del Norte- NE
Via Estrada @ Paseo Real- SW
580 Cir Lazo @ Cir Lazo- SE
Rutgers @ Scripps - SE
Magdalena @ Palermo - SE(by utility box) (Serrano Heights area)
San Lorenzo Court @ Serrano - NE (Serrano Heights area)
Apache Creek Rd @ Crown Pkwy - SE (Serrano Heights area)
Sierra Vista @ Laguna CT - SW (Serrano Heights area)

California Elementary School
Van Owen @ Tustin Ave

Cambridge Elementary School -None Busing School

Canyon Rim Elementary School
Goldfinch @ Country Club-SE
Bauer @ Kendra-NW
Blackberry @ Altair-NW
Kennedy @ Anise -SW
948 Camerford @ Rexford-NE (by light pole)
Somerset @ Laden-SW (under street light pole)
Canyon Creek @ Glenhurst-NE
Canyon Creek @ Skyridge-NE

Chapman Hills Elementary School
Santiago @ Hillsgate-NE
Silverado Elementary School

Silverado Canyon Area
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Forestry Station
27246 Silverado Cyn Rd (pig crossing sign)
Silverado Café
28852 Silverado Cyn Rd
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Shadybrook Dr. III
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Fire Station
29742 Silverado Cyn Rd
Silverado Cyn Rd @ 2nd Oak Lane
Silverado Cyn Rd across from 30081 (after bridge)
Silverado Mine Track (end of canyon)
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Mountain View
27335 Silverado Canyon Rd
29191 Silverado Cyn Rd
29641 Silverado Canyon Rd
29761 Silverado Cyn Rd
30081 Silverado Canyon Rd
30737 Silverado Cyn Rd
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Cactus Way
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Sycamore
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Ladd Canyon
27331 Silverado Cyn Rd
27335 Silverado Cyn Rd
Silverado Cyn Rd @ Black Star Cyn
29481 Silverado Cyn Rd

Modjeska Canyon Area
Modjeska Cyn Rd @ Olive Grove (100 feet before)
28202 Modjeska Cyn Rd
Modjeska Cyn Rd @ Shadowland – NW
28600 Modjeska Cyn Rd
28641 Modjeska Cyn Rd
28726 Modjeska Cyn Rd
Tucker Wildlife (fire hydrant)
Modjeska Community Park
Modjeska Cyn Rd @ Vogel (past fence)
Modjeska Cyn Rd @ Markuson – SE
16212 Jackson Ranch Rd
Jackson Ranch Rd @ Santiago Cyn Rd – NE
28422 Modjeska Cyn
Modjeska Cyn @ Olive Hill
28192 Modjeska Cyn (Just before Modjeska Store)

Crescent Elementary School
Fairmont @ Church Parking lot-NW (upper parking lot)
Old Bridge @ Stone Creek-SE
Old Bridge @ Millstream-SE
Country Hill @ Mohler-SW
Country Hill @ Vista Del Sol-NW
Country Hill @ Via Vista-SW
Mohler @ Corto-SE
Mohler @ Owens-NE
Mohler @ Willdan-NE
Mohler @ Yorkshire-NW
Summertree @ Woodrose-NW
Arboretum @ BonnieGene-SW
RioGrande @ Lysanne -SW
Rio Grande @ Donna Court-SW
Calle Granada @ Avd. Cordoba-NE
Avd. Malaga @ Avd. Juarez-NW
Via Alista @ Fairmont-NE
Cielito (before the park)
Avd. Palmera @ Camino Manzano-SE (before intersection)
Solomon Dr @ Camino Correr – NE (by utility box)
Camino Correr @ Avd. Palmera -SW (before intersection)
Felipe @ Bernardo-NW (before intersection)
7695 Camino Tampico @ Paseo Laredo-NW
Ave Rio Bravo @ Calle Granada-NE

Esplanade Elementary School
Avd Palmar @ Cannon-NE (by rock)
Creekside @ Singingwood-SW

Fairhaven Elementary School
Memory Lane @ shopping center
La Veta Circle @ Parker N/E (in open area before the corner)
Rosewood @ Fashion Park-SW (before intersection)

Fletcher Elementary School
Beechwood @ Riverview-NW
Ashwood @ Meadowbrook-NW
Riverdale @ Pinewood- NE
Rainier @ Hartman-SW
Cottonwood @ Lincoln (by 2nd tennis courts)
Richland @ Meadowbrook (by light pole)
Briardale @ Covenant Church - NE
Chestnut @ Glassell – NE
Riverbend Pkwy @ Circle (by third light pole)

Handy Elementary School - None Busing School

Imperial Elementary School
Weston @ Via Escola-SE
Stagecoach @ Montefino-NW
Stagecoach @ Hackamore-NW
Camino Grande @ Peridot-NW
Camino Grande @ Lookout-SE
Magdalena @ Palermo - SE(by utility box) (Serrano Heights area)
San Lorenzo Court @ Serrano - NE (Serrano Heights area)
Apache Creek Rd @ Crown Pkwy - SE (Serrano Heights area)
Sierra Vista @ Laguna CT - SW (Serrano Heights area)

Jordan Elementary School -None Busing School

La Veta Elementary School
Franzen @ Ponderosa
Ponderosa @ Calvo-SE
Ponderosa @ Kirkwood-SE

Lampson Elementary School
Rampart (entrance to mobile home park)
Archstone Apts @ St College (Stop on St College just past the driveway
at the OCTA stop)

Linda Vista Elementary School
Rancho Santiago @ Bond
Stetson @ Sonora (by light pole after Sonora)
Stetson @ Cheyenne ( by light pole after Cheyenne)
Rancho Santiago @ Glen Arron
Santiago Canyon Rd @ Lolita-NE
Randal @ Frank
Meads @ Wilderness
Sycamore Glen @ Windes-SW
Orange Park Blvd past Yosemite (by utility box)
Mabury @ Yellowstone
Mt McKinley @ Crater Lake-SE
Hillside @ Orange Park Blvd-NW
Meads @ Morada
10883 Meads
Meads @ Vicki-SW
Meads @ Orange Park Blvd-SW
Cannon @ Cliffway- (at bus turnout)
Tumbleweed @ Paintbrush-NE
Crawford Canyon @ Cliffway-(at bus turnout)
Rancho Santiago @ Bond-NE
Rancho Santiago @ Lomita-NE
Rancho Santiago @ Equestrian-SE
Rancho Santiago @ Glen Albyn-SE
Amapola @ Ranch Wood
Amapola @ Ridgeline
Cliffway @ Chapman (by gate)

Nohl Canyon Elementary School
Peralta Hills @ mailboxes
Peralta Hills @ Peralta Hills-SW
Peralta Hills @ Calle Dana-SW
Peralta Hills @ Peralta Way-SW
Peralta Hills @ Starlight-SW
Peralta Hills @ Crescent-SE
555 Peralta Hills Dr @ Bigtree
Lakeview @ Santa Ana Canyon Rd
Royal Oak @ Church Parking Lot
Cavendish @ Weymouth-NE
Greenboro @ Andover-SW
Fairfield @ Aberdeen-NE
Fairfield @ Westford-NE
Ridgegate @ Old Bucket-NW
Nohl Ranch Rd @ Copa De Oro-NE
Villa Real @ Marywood-SW
Featherhill @ Ridgepark- SE
Meadowgrove @ Marywood-SE
Newgate @ Glen Canyon-SW
Newgate @ Waterford-SW
Oakhurst @ Crossgate-SW
Townsend @ Rosemere-SW
Ashford @ Coventry-SW (turnout by pool)
Weston @ Via Escola-SE
Bradford @ Weston-NW
Camden @ Somerton-NW
Springfield @ Via Escola-NE
Roxbury @ Regency-SE
Regency @ Via Escola-NW

Olive Elementary School
Heim @ Bortz-NE
Torres @ St. James - SE
Anchor @White Cap – SE (before intersection)
Deerfield @ Riverdale
Blue Rock @ Blue Water
Valley Forge @ Merrimac-NW
Valley Forge @ Iron Pike Circle-SW (2nd one)
McKinnon Dr @ Manti Dr NE (by pole)
Addington Dr @ Addington Cir NE (between Finch and Addington Cir by tree)
Alderdale Ave @ Redrock SW (by utility box with pole - marked 4248 Alderdale on box)

Panorama Elementary School
Hewes @ Berry (off side of the road before street sign)
Hamlin @ Chapman-SE
Calle Grande @ Chapman-SW
La Cumbre @ Buckskin-SW
Chandler Ranch @ Wrangler-SE
Brambles @ Cambria-NW (before intersection)
Newport @ Broadmoor
Rockinghorse @ Knightsbridge (by fire hydrant)
Westview @ Rockinghorse -SE
Notre Dame @ Kings Crown-SE
Notre Dame @ Dove-NE (after gate)
Longspur @ Raven (by fire hydrant)
Santiago @ 2nd Hillsgate
Amapola @ Ridgeline-NW (after intersection)
Cobblestone @ Oak Tree-SW (at the park)
Willow Springs @ Strawberry-NW
Norfolk @ Timberline
Chandler Ranch @ Saddlehorn
Fairhaven Ext @ Artnell
Panorama Circular @ Fairhaven Ext.-NW (before intersection)
Vista Panorama @ Vista Panorama
Vista Panorama @ Menuda
12248 Alta Panorama @ duck mailbox

Prospect Elementary School-None Busing School

Running Springs Elementary School

Canyon Vista @ Rosebud
Canyon Vista @ Larkwood-NE
Birchwood @ Meadowridge-NE (by 25mph sign & utility box)
Amberwood @ Riverview-NE
Blue Sky @ Silverstar-NE (by utility box)
Nightstar @ Silverstar-NW (by utility box)
Flintridge between Birch Tree & Alpine (by fire hydrant)
Azalea Wy @ block wall
Taylor Ct @ Oxley NE (by fire hydrant)
Summer Breeze @ Blue Sky SE

Serrano Elementary School

Brunswick Bowl @ Tustin (at end of building)
Vista Glen @ Vista Canyon-NE
Vista Royale @ Vista Knoll-SW
Vista Ridge @ Vista Crest-SW
Orange View @ Terrace View- W
Summitridge @ Green Clover-NW
San Miguel @ Portofino-SE
Vista Bluff @ Vista Canyon
Valley Dr. @ Smoketree Ln. N/W (Students wait @ Cement Pad)
Villa Isle Dr @ Canyon Dr. S/E (Students wait on Horse Trail)
1800 E. Heim Ave (Park 72 Condominiums)

Sycamore Elementary School - None Busing School

Taft Elementary School -None Busing School

Villa Park Elementary School
Sacramento @ Jackson-SE                                                                             
Sacramento @ Wilson-SE
District Office-(north driveway)
Goldenrod @ Wisteria -SE (by box)
Edgemont @ Glenbrook-SE
Taft @ Yurok-SW
Ludwig @ Taft -SE     
Yurok @ Shoshone
Sycamore @ Brookside

West Orange Elementary School - None Busing School


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